The Diamond Power Index® is a multi-rater cum self-assessment tool created by Julie Diamond that helps measure the effective use of Power by individuals and by organisations.

The ineffective use of Power may often be the underpinning cause of various leadership development challenges. Julie Diamond, a world-renowned expert on power and leadership has spent over 25 years studying the dynamics and use of Power. Julie found that conflict avoidance, difficulty influencing without authority, low engagement and overuse of positional power could well be symptoms of ineffective use of Power. Julie defines Power Intelligence® as the capacity to use one’s positional power, status, and personal power effectively. It is a learnable competency that can increase leaders’ and organizations’ effectiveness.

Why Power Intelligence®?

Power changes not just us but the people around us. It impacts how people act towards us, including the information and feedback they’re willing to share. This makes it difficult for leaders to gauge the impact of their use of Power, arguably the most valuable resource at their disposal. In the absence of Power Intelligence®, power may have an almost intoxicating effect on leaders that impairs judgement, diminishes empathy and makes leaders feel more competent and capable than they are.

Often leaders with the best of intentions do not get the support and feedback they need to manage their power. This is further complicated by the fact that power is a taboo in our society and while everyone seeks it, few readily discuss it.

How will Power Intelligence® help your leaders?

Power Intelligence® will help your leaders

  • gain insight into the dynamics of power

  • understand the impact they have on their role, people around them and on the organisation

  • harness their personal power to create conscious and sustainable leadership

  • manage their feelings of powerlessness (inferiority or low confidence) or feelings of grandeur

  • discover the keys to creating cohesive and positive workplace cultures

Why should you attend the Certification on Power Intelligence®?

Certification on Power Intelligence® provides you with all the tools you need to help your leaders develop Power Intelligence®. If you are a coach, trainer, HR leader or leadership consultant, the Certification on Power Intelligence® can help you to:

  • Develop leaders’ ability to influence without the overuse of authority

  • Work with leaders to avoid derailment by identifying potential risks

  • Prepare high potentials for the next level of leadership

  • Train leadership teams to navigate their internal challenges productively

  • Make executives become aware of their impact on organizational culture and engagement

  • Lastly, Power Intelligence® will help you exercise your own influence and authority best in service of your or your client organisations.

What will you get from the programme?

The programme will provide you with all the tools you need to help leaders learn to use their power effectively. You will:

  • Get introduced to the concept of Power Intelligence and its framework

  • Learn about the 7 Power Intelligence® competencies

  • Learn to measure Power Intelligence® competencies through Diamond Power Index® a multirater and self-assessment tool

  • Learn practical tools to facilitate conversations on Power Intelligence®

  • Get support in taking Power Intelligence® to your leaders or client organisations

Programme content

The certification program consists of the following modules, delivered over 3 days.

Module 1: Power Intelligence®: An Introduction to Leading with Power

Module 2: Assessing and Coaching for Power: Administering the Diamond Power Index®

Module 3: The Power Profile®: Interpreting Results, Coaching for Development.

Module 4: Using Power Intelligence® in Your Organization and Coaching Practice

Certification is awarded upon attendance and successful completion of the all modules of the programme, prework and post programme assignment. As a prework for the programme, all participants are required to take their own DPI® assessment. As a post programme assignment, participants are required to practice their first debrief with the programme instructor.

Upon meeting above requirements, participants shall become eligible to purchase and use the Diamond Power Index® and reports through Flaments. They will also receive a certificate from Diamond Leadership® indicating their eligibility to use the instrument.


Program Details

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Certification exam required: No

What You will Gain from this Program

Upon meeting above requirements, participants shall become eligible to purchase and use the Diamond Power Index® and reports through Flaments. They will also receive a certificate from Diamond Leadership® indicating their eligibility to use the instrument.


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