Pegasus Academy and Consulting

Professional Training & Coaching

The Pegasus Academy & Consulting was incubated as an experiential learning cradle to help / aid individuals and organizations realize their full potential. Experiential - Outward Bound Learning approach has been consciously adopted towards the same. Founded in 1997, with a fundamental belief in the goodness of people and their limitless potential to deliver, the motto has been to Unbound the latent potential. From the inception, Pegasus has been practicing the values of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Care and Mutual Respect. The abundance mindset of Pegasus has been demonstrated through unreserved sharing of learning and practices with the larger society including its competitors, transparent engagement with clients and extension of equity and fairness to all stakeholders. Pegasus is now a pan-India institution, present in Bangalore, Pune, Bhubaneswar, Dehradun and Pondicherry. Pegasus delivers programs in its centres and at client sites in India and abroad. The overseas footprint of Pegasus covers UK, Canada, Sri Lanka, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Nepal and Thailand.


Meet Pegasus Academy and Consulting

Pegasus faculty conduct programs that focus on Visioning and Strategy Development, Capability Development, Leadership and Team Building besides Personal Growth and Development. The multifaceted faculty team is drawn from sectors such as defence, corporate, academics, research and development and consulting. Over 170 thousand individuals from over 800 client organizations have participated in and benefited from the over 6000 programs conducted thus far. Pegasus Learning Centre (PLC) has been the first step of Pegasus in establishing the full-fledged Experiential Learning University, the first of its kind in the country. PLC leverages Pegasus strength, its customer credibility, and expansive network of stakeholders, to meet customer's future needs.

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