Anahat Organisation Development Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

Management Consulting

Originating from the Sanskrit name of the fourth primary chakra in yoga, Anahat is born out of the inspiration to go to the heart of a matter. We believe that touching the core of a system releases the tension between seeming polarities, be it at the level of the individual or the organization. We believe in the magic of the and. Be it our certification programmes, our products, or our training and consulting services; our aim is to bring about change and empowerment by making choices which can even integrate opposites in a meaningful way. We help individuals in the organisations we work for to recognise the real options before them, in work and in life. They can then choose with awareness and transform positively, both themselves and their organisation. We help organisations work through their people, by defining and aligning on human behaviours that create culture, performance and success, and then by scientifically measuring and building those behaviours.


Meet Anahat Organisation Development Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

Anahat is the official Indian representative for The Myers Briggs Company offering a range of psychometric instruments like the Myers Briggs Type Indicator - MBTI®, the FIRO-B®, and the CPI260™. Anahat is Saville Consulting's India distributor, providing Saville Wave and Saville Aptitude assessments. In addition to certification programmes on these instruments, Anahat offers coaching, OD interventions and training in the areas of leadership, collaboration and change management.

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